Zimbabwe’s Cultural Ambassadors discuss new album and racial harmony

Earth Song is Black Umfolosi’s 15th internationally released album; a gorgeous array of velvety harmonies, phenomenally tight percussion, subtly evolving melodies and joyous Gospel. These nine new a cappella tracks celebrate Earth and her people, faith, and everyday life that we may otherwise take for granted.

Black Umfolosi are a 38-year-strong performing group from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. They have been referred to as Zimbabwe’s Vocal Newspaper and Cultural Ambassadors due to their international success since the group was founded in 1982, and for their commentary on the environment, culture and wish to unify mankind:

“Our music is not only a form of entertainment but a means to spread love and peace. There is a need for racial and social injustices to be alleviated. We support the Black Lives Matter movement because o ur concern as musicians and world travellers is that this would be a lovely world if there was peace, respect and love at the forefront of every human relationship. We embrace cultural differences and do not see people for the race they belong to; we see diversity amongst humans as something beautiful. Music unites everyone from different ethnic backgrounds, race, gender and age, and just as our music is impactful without colour, so should be everything else.” – Thomeki Dube, Black Umfolosi


Artist: Black Umfolosi
Label: ARC Music

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