TOUKI Modou Touré

“This is my life story; learning from mistakes has given me the strength and courage to follow my own path.”

Multi-lingual Senegalese singer Modou Touré, heir of the legendary group Touré Kunda, releases his debut solo album TOUKI – A Journey.

Modou’s talent, focus, charisma and passion for music has carried him from Senegal’s capital city of Dakar to the international stage. TOUKI showcases groovy rhythms, Afrobeat, pop-rock and funk, harmonising with sharp guitar playing, bass, percussion and signature silky vocals. A warm, vibrant and rhythmic album.

“A beautiful stage presence, a powerful voice and catchy melodies: Modou Touré has got it all. – WOMEX

Modou’s voice strikingly echoes that of his father, Ousmane Touré, the inspiration for his choice of career. He has created a strong, personal style based on a refreshing and original take on traditional West African folk music.

A songwriter at heart, Modou (short for Mamadou) sings in Wolof, Soninke, French and English. His songs draw on topics of love, destiny, identity, the hecticness of childhood, family life, relationships, and encounters on the streets of Dakar.




Album: TOUKI
Modou Touré
Label: ARC Music
Cat#: EUCD2912
Released: Friday 28th August 2020

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