Creole Sounds from the Indian Ocean

The island of Rodrigues’ most loved séga representatives

Séga is known as the “blues” of the Indian Ocean. From the 17th -19th century, slaves from Africa and Madagascar, transported against their will to Mauritius, gradually forged their own identity in this land of exile. Sakili presents a mix of waltzes, polkas, mazurka, Scottish and séga drum rhythms which were originally performed by the captured souls at sunset, reminding them of their African homeland. As ‘hope is seeing light in spite of being surrounded by darkness’, beautiful music was created around bonfires at night during moments of weary rest. This rarely-heard artform with strong historic roots is presented by Sakili, with the hopes of making this music known in Europe and around the world.

Album: Creole Sounds from the Indian Ocean
Artist: Sakili
Label: ARC Music
Cat#: EUCD2936
Released: Friday 26th March 2021

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