BUIKA, A Great Singer Come From Afar


Buika’s musical story could be written or read as a fairy tale.   The black singer was born in 1972, not in a fare in Africa, but in Palma de Majorca (Spain), where her family, originally from Equatorial Guinea, had found a land of welcome which would bring them extraordinary happiness.  While it was Buika’s mother who first introduced her to the great voices of jazz, it was on the Spanish airwaves that she really discovered the music and developed a great love for it but especially for Spanish copla.

However, before being initiated into the joys of glory and success and about to turn thirty years old, Buika started out singing in the bars and pubs of Majorca, recorded several house music tracks and opted to collaborate with La Fura del Baus on the show “Ombra”.  In 2000, she landed in Las Vegas where she performed in casinos as a Tina Turner impersonator.  Her voice also resonated in the Blue Note Club where she was invited to perform by Rachelle Farrell.  Buika then returned to Madrid where she recorded an album on which she revealed her enormous singing talent.

Today, with her third album, entitled “Nina de Fuego” (Girl of Fire) produced by Javier Limon with whom she worked on her second album, “Mi Nina Lola” (an album for which she won two awards in Spain, Best Production and Best Spanish Song Album),  Buika asserts her choices, her talent and her emotions with rare intensity and conviction.

You have the possibility of seeing her in the flesh on stage or by typing www.myspace.com/conchabuika.  There you can find all the information necessary to satisfy your well-warranted curiosity.



By D. Peck Afiavimag)

Translated by Portia Lewis

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