Maasai Footsteps

Tradition is what makes people who they are », says Anuang’a Fernando, creator of Maasai Footsteps. « If you lose it, you lose your identity”.

The project celebrates the ancestral songs and dance of the Maasai people of East Africa, performed at schools and on European stage through contemporary dance. While capturing and honouring the aesthetic and culture of the Maasai nomadic tribes PurkoLoodokilani and Kisonko, Anuang’a uses his passion for contemporary dance style – learned in Paris, France – to share his heritage and make it accessible to modern-day students. Videos are available to explore on his Facebook channel, shared with 25,000 followers: here

Album: Maasai Footsteps
Artist: Anuang’a Fernando & Maasai Vocals
Label: ARC Music
Cat#: EUCD2940
Released: Friday 26th March 2021



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