In Senegalese society, aado stands for moral customs and values. In this album, Kadialy Kouyate’s enchanting music touches on those principles and reflects on Mandinka culture. As a musician and songwriter born into the great line of Kouyate Griot in Southern Senegal, Kadialy’s mesmerising kora playing embraces the art of storytelling, via the 21-stringed kora, and draws on heritage to inspire new, uplifting compositions.

In Mandinka culture, certain principles are held in high regard among the community. These core foundations run throughout the album as a reminder of the important values needed within ourselves and our society: the positive qualities of individual personality; respect and consideration for those around you; the generosity and joy of hospitality (a tradition also known in Wolof as teranga); the art and culture of the griot, as heard in Sora, celebrating the Cissokho family, one of the most highly regarded griot families. Kouyate also pays homage to the great warrior Fakoli in the track Janjon Ba. Fakoli joined the ranks of Sunjata Keita in the 13th century and was renowned for his bravery. The Fakoli rhythm is now played for reputable leaders and those who have done good deeds.

Kadialy has performed at many prestigious venues such as The Royal Festival Hall, The Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Royal Albert Hall and the O2 Arena. He has performed at festivals across the world while touring Europe, Canada, Australia and North and South America.

Album: AADO
Kadialy Kouyate
Label: Naxos World
Cat#: NXW76156-2
Released: Friday 24th September 2021

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